Letterman Jackets Making a Comeback

Letterman jackets have been making their way back through the halls of Kearney High School as of the 2018-2019 school year. More and more kids are following the trend of buying jackets and putting their hard-earned cloth “letter” on them for everyone to see. In order for a letterman to be recognized from other team participants, the coach or sponsor establishes a minimum amount of participation in a team’s events or level of performance in order for a letter to be awarded.

In 1865, Harvard University’s baseball team wore black sweaters with an ‘H’ on them. This trend continued and became more and more popular as the years went on. Letters were seen on sweaters, jerseys, v-necks and eventually onto the letterman jacket. As early as 1911, varsity jackets found their way into high schools. By 1930 the classic wool jackets and leather sleeves came onto the scene. Styles continued to change and eventually gave form to the jackets that we have today.

KHS athletics is adding a new way to keep track of how many times you have lettered in a tangible way. Each time you letter for your respective sport, you will be awarded a pin based on that sport. Take football for example. An athlete will get a gold football pin to put on the letter of their jacket. Each time they letter after receiving this pin, they will get a gold bar to pin on the jacket to show how many times they have lettered in that sport. The fine and performing arts have actually been doing this at KHS for quite some time. For example, if you letter in choir you get a gold treble clef and then a gold bar for each time after that. Now both of these activity groups have pins to show for their letter winners.

The varsity athletic jacket is probably the most common jacket that comes to mind when someone mentions a letterman jacket. Many junior and senior varsity athletes have been sporting their new jackets during the cold months of this year. However, fine and performing arts jackets are a lot less common than varsity athletics jackets. Although this may be true, this does not mean that they do not exist. As of this year, there have been several individuals sporting their cursive letter ‘K’ as opposed to the varsity athletics block letter ‘K’.

Lots of students have been wearing letterman jackets, whether they are varsity athletes or  fine and performing arts members. There is no doubt that these jackets are starting to become popular again. As a winter coat to many, or a way to show off your success in your respective activity, these jackets are great in many different ways. Hopefully these jackets will keep trending and more students purchase and wear them.