Why the College Football Playoff Should be Eight Teams

When the College Football Playoff Rankings came out on Dec. 2, many people disagreed with the results. With #4 Oklahoma, #5 Georgia and #6 Ohio State all having really similar resumes, it made the committee’s decision really tough. There is a simple solution to this controversy, which is to expand the playoff. An eight-team playoff would give every team who has successful season a chance for a championship.

This year the four teams who would get into the playoff if it was eight teams are Georgia (11-2), Ohio State (12-1), Michigan (10-2) and UCF (13-0). Each of these teams have their own reasoning as to why they should be in the playoff. Georgia was the only team to give #1 Alabama a competitive game this year. Because of this many would argue that they are already better than #3 Notre Dame and #4 Oklahoma. Ohio State did almost everything they could to try to get in, with their only loss being to unranked Purdue. Their Big Ten conference championship would easily put them into an eight team college football playoff. Michigan’s only two losses are to Ohio State and Notre Dame, who would each be in the eight team playoff. What’s stopping Michigan from beating both of them in a rematch at a neutral site? All three of these teams have legitimate arguments for why they should be playing for a championship.

Finally, any team that is undefeated should automatically have a be in the playoff. UCF has defeated every team that they have faced the last two years, which forced them to declare themselves National Champions last year. It is not their fault that the teams on their schedule are bad. They have proven time after time that they are the better team when they step on the field. An eight team playoff would give them the chance to prove that they are the best team in the nation.

The eight team playoff would give more teams a fair shot at a National Championship. Every team in the top 8 is elite and can make an argument for why they should be in it. College Football fans everywhere should want the most accurate and fair chance for teams to win it all. An eight team playoff would be the perfect solution to this problem.