What We Can Learn From Watching Movies

To start, most of us, if not all of us, have watched a movie in our lifetime, but do we put into consideration what we are learning from watching movies? Movies can teach us all sorts of things: how to dream, to constantly ask ourselves questions, to challenge your assumptions and to never give up.

Despite that we all learn different things from watching movies, most of us don’t know how much we actually learn. When you watch movies you sit there and take in the scenes and the sounds, the conversation and the personalities being portrayed through the people on the screen. Without knowing it, you are taking in whatever you see and hear, and this is an effect from you accepting movies as truth, because it is what your brain knows.

On the contrary, movies can be remarkable. Manohla Dargis, the co-chief film critic of The New York Times, says, ¨There isn’t a casual relationship between viewer behavior and the screen. There doesn’t have to be. Because movies get into our bodies, making us howl and weep, while their narrative and visual patterns, their ideas and ideologies leave their imprint.¨ Movies impact you in some type of way, whether good or bad.

Moreover, I tend to connect movies I have seen with my everyday life. They inspire me, challenge my assumptions, change my views, make me cry, make me happy and even teach me lessons. Unfortunately, movies are not real life, after watching they bring you back to reality to practice what you have learned from them. So in the end, choose your movies wisely and use your brain!