Kearney High Ranks the Reindeer

We all know who they are. We all know their names, but do we know how we feel about Santa’s Reindeer? Apparently, KHS students have some very strong opinions on who is the best reindeer out of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. I went on a quest this week to find out which reindeer is best in the eyes of the students, and the results are shocking. In order to rank the reindeer I asked the people around me to rank the reindeer on a scale of one to nine, one being the best reindeer and nine being the worst. Then I tallied the votes and the reindeer with the lowest score won. Here are the results:

  1. Comet- Comet pulled ahead in this competition with an astounding score of 120.
  2. Blitzen- Blitzen came in a close second, scoring 133.
  3. Vixen- Vixen was a strong contender with a score of 153.
  4. Rudolph- Rudolph ended up being surprisingly middle of the pack coming in fourth with a score of 157.
  5. Dancer- Dancer shimmied into fifth place with a score of 169.
  6. Cupid- Cupid tied with Dasher for sixth place, both scoring 171, and both holding a number one place in the heart of only a singular voter.
  7. Dasher- This poor kid technically came in sixth too, but is listed at seventh because of his tie with Cupid at 171.
  8. Prancer- Prancer proved to be pretty unpopular with a high score of 183.
  9. Donner- Due to unfortunate associations with his name, Donner gained the most points, with nearly 100 points more than Comet at 218 points.

Perhaps the most surprising of the results in this list was Rudolph’s mediocre score. I believe that these results stemmed from the polar opinions people foster towards the red nosed leader. Some people really love and root for him, like junior Alexis Barth who stated “Obviously! Everybody likes Rudolph,” when questioned about ranking him first. Others are a little more skeptical as to whether he deserves the title of winner, such as junior Skyler Krull who made a stance against the norms, saying “(Rudolph’s) the most well known one, I don’t want him to be number one, because everyone already knows him.” One student, however, knew exactly where Rudolph belonged in the list. Junior Brad Donovan immediately ranked Rudolph fourth, even before deciding which deserved the title of first. When asked about it, Donovan stated “Rudolph’s a four, that’s just the way it is, and I don’t have to think about that.”

One result that was fairly predictable was that of Donner. As junior Ashton Masek expressed, “You know what Donner reminds me of? The Donner party, and that’s sad.” I believe that this link to the past is what ultimately made Donner plummet to last place.

In contrast, Comet did very well for himself in this competition. A contributing factor to his win may have been that he is slightly more well known. According to junior Lillian Bombeck, “On the Tim Allen Santa Clause movie, Comet is the best.” So while fame did nothing to save Rudolph’s score, it seems to have helped Comet in his flight to the top of the charts.

So there you have it, Santa’s reindeer ranked. While some may not agree with the results, the data is in and the students have had their say. Kearney High has ranked the reindeer, and it seems to have had no real point, but it sure is interesting.