Smartphone use Lowering Academic Performance

There are many ways technology can benefit students and teachers, but in many cases, it can be one of the biggest disruptions. Technology seems to be a distraction for students of all ages. Lack of sleep, in class distractions and being dependent on resources are some of the ways smartphones are lowering academic performance.

Lack of sleep significantly affects concentration, focus and retention. According to Dr. Gaby Badre from Sahlgrens Academy, excessive cell phone use can cause disrupted sleep patterns in students. When people are constantly stimulated by their phones before they go to bed, their brain is too stimulated to fall asleep, causing them to live in a pattern of constant exhaustion. If your body is not able to function at its peak performance while you are at school, it could cause your grades and learning ability to decline.

In class distractions have become an issue in schools all across the world. When students have constant access to their phones during school, chances are they are going to be using them at some point throughout the class. Every time someone checks their phone in class they are disengaging from the learning environment. Although there are some cases where students might need to have their phones in case of emergency, phones should not be brought out during class time.

Dependency on smartphone resources that students are able to use is another reason that grades are being negatively affected. There are numerous shortcuts and instant answers that students have access to which causes them to not fully understand the content of what they are learning. When we have the ability to look something up quickly, we are not training our brains to retain information because we know it can be easily found again. For example, many students are relying on spark notes to help them understand a book they are reading instead of reading it for themselves. The dependency on these resources are potentially beneficial for getting your homework done, but you are not equipping your brain to learn information long term.

Lack of sleep, in class distractions and dependency on smartphone resources are all reasons people need to be more aware of how their cell phone use is affecting their education.