A Star is Born Movie Review

(Spoiler Alert)

The beautiful, heartbreaking movie A Star is Born manages to put tears in every viewers eyes with its raw and romantic story. Jackson Maine played by Bradley Cooper, discovers and falls in love the struggling artist Ally, played by Lady Gaga, while Ally plays a very unique version of “La Vie En Rose”. The compelling voice Ally has drives everyone in the audience nuts, especially Jack.

Just as Ally was going to give up on her dream to be a singer, Jackson Maine, who is already a thriving musician, coaxed her into singing with him at one of his concerts. The thrill of singing in front of thousands of fans feeds Ally’s want to be an artist, and Jack helps make that happen. This story has been told thousands of times and has symbolized the basic hollywood romance, but Gaga and Cooper make it look as fresh and new as ever.

The couple begins in Arizona, singing duets and having the time of their lives. Ally is starting to be noticed by other managers who want her to take on her own roll and make a name for herself.

Of course, the same trend goes in every version of A Star is Born, that when on star rises the other one comes crashing down. The first scene we see with Jackson is of him popping pills, and it doesn’t stop there. As Ally because a pop sensation Jackson is ruining his career with his alcohol addiction. Ally feels like she is responsible for him and will even put her career on hold to take care of her sick husband. This definitely comes back to bite both of them in the butt.

Jack’s alcoholism has gotten in the way of many things in his relationships, and his career. Just as Ally is making it big in her career and was accepting her grammy award for the Best New Artist, her trophy husband, who is very intoxicated, pisses his pants in front of a live audience. Despite the obvious sign of her husbands poor choices, she sticks by her husband side and sends him to therapy. Even though Jack single-handedly destroyed Ally’s career she will still do anything for him, and that is a sign of true love.

Despite Ally’s never ending love for Jack, his addictions get the best of him. The tragic suicide scene of Jack brought tears to everyone’s eyes, and the tears didn’t stop there. The devastation Ally faces after her late husband suicide is both tragic and beautiful. The movie ends with the lovely Ally singing a heartfelt song in tribute to her dear husband.

This movie was full of love, lust and tragedy. I give this 10/10 and would recommend seeing this movie as many times as possible. It captures a true love story in the Hollywood environment. A Star is Born also shows that women can have the same amount of want for fame as men can, and they can achieve it.