XXXTentacion’s Abuse Proven

XXXTentacion’s Abuse Proven

On Jun. 18, 2018, the rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed. Jahseh Onfroy, the artist’s birth name, was controversial in and beyond life. During his career, he was charged with domestic abuse and assault of a pregnant ex-girlfriend and a homosexual man he was imprisoned with. At the time of his death, fans of pop culture were divided in a widespread conflict between XXX’s mourners and those reminding us of his crimes.

In death, this rapper has a complicated legacy. Onfroy was in the midst of the allegations against him when he died. Before he was killed, he was waiting to go on trial for battery and harassment charges. For the sake of his music and popularity, the majority of fans of XXX disregarded the accusations, and even gave backlash to the woman. With dozens of posts and comments on social media, she was deemed a liar that wanted nothing more than to defame Onfroy.

On Oct. 23, 2018, nearly four months following his death, a tape featuring XXX confessing among friends to the abuse and stabbings that occured in Deerfield Beach, FL was released. His words are disturbing and show no shame for the crime that his fans would eventually deny as he says, “Now she’s scared. That girl is scared for her life.” Even when Onfroy’s guilt was acknowledged, fans of his were optimistic, publicly posting tweets and stories with the belief that he would have bettered himself. The listeners of XXX were no more merciful than the rapper. Geneva Ayala, his ex-girlfriend, claimed to have been kicked out of his funeral service. They believed wholeheartedly in Jahseh, saying that the rapper had loved her and Alaya had betrayed him. Leading up to his death, he was charged with witness tampering in relation to Ayala. He claimed to have donated $100,000 to a domestic abuse charity, as though to neutralize the accusations.

Ironically, XXX’s music has verses about depression and serious topics. He was, for many, a representative and voice for suicidal youth… a voice with which he also tortured his ex-girlfriend in the form of several threats of suicide. Onfroy’s childhood reflects much of his violent, nihilistic and short-lived future. His mother was financially unstable, and when separated from her, he was depressed. He was once expelled from school for beating up a classmate. All before 17, he had been charged with possession of a firearm, armed robbery, resisting arrest and Xanax possession. It was in the duration of one of his juvenile sentences that XXX assaulted his cellmate because he thought he was homosexual.

The fans of Onfroy didn’t love him in spite of this life of crime, but overall, seemed to ignore it entirely. After his death, celebrities like Kanye West tweeted their grief and sympathy to the deceased rapper. Today, several months later, the media is as disunified as ever on the controversial XXXTentacion.