Why College Visits are Worth Your Time

Preparing for college can be stressful, especially if you aren’t sure where you want to go. When looking at different colleges, and all that they offer, it’s crucial to pay attention to the ones that best fit you. A great way for incoming students to get the full concept of a college, and if it’s right for them, is by going on college visits.

Before even attending a visit, however, the prospective student should do some research about colleges that they are interested in attending. Looking online at what majors and classes colleges offer will help to narrow down some choices. Another factor that someone should look at is the cost and financial aid options of a college as it is not always reasonably priced. By narrowing down one’s choices based on what they are looking for and what they can afford, a person can then decide where they would like to tour.

Not only can a college visit help one get a better idea of what the campus and classrooms look like, but they will truly be able to see if they fit in there. With all of the activities available to college students – for example Greek life and sports – it’s important to make sure that a college offers all of the opportunities one may be interested in. Getting involved during college is not required, but it can help to form connections and make the years spent there more enjoyable. A college should be not just a place to learn, but somewhere to make memories as it will be a home away from home for however long someone is there.

Asking questions about any concerns or interests that one may not have been able to find online can greatly benefit them. By asking questions, someone can get a better understanding about the place they are hoping to attend, and it is never a burden to the tour guide as they are there to help prospective students find their best fit for their future. Some questions to ask while on a college visit may include: What is an average class size? Can you tell me more about meal plans? What is the housing situation regarding space and roommates? What activities does the college offer? Are there tutoring options? Do you offer any financial help?

Often times when visiting colleges, one can schedule appointments with people in certain majors and have one on one conversations to dig deeper into what they may want to do. According to nces.ed.gov, “About 1 in 10 students [will] change majors more than once [before they graduate].” Knowing what you want to go into, or at least having a general idea of what you want to do, can give incoming freshmen a huge upper hand in college as they will spend less money by keeping a major they like instead of changing it multiple times. Therefore, speaking with deans and/or other college associates on visits will assist one in saving money on college and finding out, yet again, if the college is a good fit for them.

So are college visits worth it? The answer is yes. College visits can help clear up many questions one may have, and it can help a potential student picture themselves in the environment that they would be in for the years contributing to their future.