What’s The Deal With Elon?

Elon Musk is a South American born businessman, prominently known for his CEO position at Tesla Motors. Well, his former CEO position that is. Musk has been getting a lot of media attention lately, and most of it has been quite negative. Smoking marijuana on the Joe Rogan Podcast and getting yanked from his CEO position at Tesla are two of some of the most controversial choices Musk has made in the recent months. Some are even questioning if he is slowly having a mental breakdown due to his unhealthy working habits. Even Musk has admitted to having a frantic lifestyle, ideas and inventions constantly running through his ingenuitive mind. So is Musk really going progressively more insane by the nano second, or does he simply need a break from his high speed lifestyle?

Joe Rogan is a man of many professions. He’s a stand up comedian, UFC commentator, podcast host, and savvy businessman. On his podcast, the Joe Rogan Podcast, he and Elon Musk had a two and one half hour chat discussing various world issues, along with some of Musk’s newest ideas. For instance, rather than engineering flying cars, Musk proposed an even more intelligent idea. He announced that he was working on digging tunnels in L.A. for cars to use and improve the flow of traffic.

He then opened up on his views about the “simulation theory”. The theory is fairly simple. Some people think that everything we view as reality is actually just a simulation crafted by a superior race who has taken virtual reality to insurmountable levels. Musk never says if he completely agrees with this theory, he simply explains how it’s essentially impossible to prove it false. He also discusses his flamethrower distribution. Recently, he made a flamethrower, but flamethrowers aren’t allowed to be distributed to other countries, so he put a label on them that said “Not A Flamethrower” and made several thousands dollars profit.

The trouble started towards the end of the podcast. Rogan and Musk were drinking whiskey throughout the duration of the podcast, but that’s not what got Musk in hot water. It was afterwards, when Rogan sparked up a cigar that had a mixture of tobacco and marijuana. Since weed is legal in California where the podcast is held, it seemed like a harmless action. However, that’s not what the public thought, especially Musk’s employees. Several employees got so angry that they up and quit as soon as they got the news. That was the first major hit Tesla took due to Musk acting strangely. What came next, however, took an even bigger toll on Tesla than anything before it.

Musk and Twitter continue to merge very terribly, and his newest tweet proves that even more true. On Aug. 7, 2018, he tweeted that there was enough funding secured to make Tesla a private company at $420 dollars per share. Flash forward a couple months and there are now seven shareholder lawsuits filed due to the inaccuracy of this tweet. According to the SEC’s complaint, the number 420 was chosen specifically by Musk to reference the marijuana smoking holiday that falls on April 20. SEC additionally claimed that Musk chose this number for the marijuana reference because he thought his girlfriend would find it humorous. Due to this false claim by Musk, Tesla shares are down 30 percent, originally at an impressive $379.57. Along with that, $20 billion in market cap was erased in just two months.

This is not the end for Elon Musk, although he has lost his rights as CEO of Tesla for the time being. He has many other companies such as Spacex that are doing terrific, so don’t give up on him just yet. However, many people speculate that Musk is going through a stressful time at the moment, and his actions have been very sporadic lately, so it seems like a legitimate claim. Hopefully, he just stays out of trouble in the future and thinks about what he tweets before he tweets it. The SEC did take Musk twitter privileges though, so he won’t be tweeting anytime soon. Best of luck to Tesla and Musk though, they might just need it.