Health effects of vaping

Vaping is something that has been around for a while but has just recently become trendy. Vaping is the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, (ENDS) in order to either supplement or substitute the act of smoking. A high majority of people have no idea the health effects of ENDS, but instead of learning more about, it they choose to be ignorant to the fact that the readily available product could have risks to their health that could be just as bad as regular cigarettes and tobacco.

Not only can a habit of vaping cost you in the aspect of health, but also in the cost to maintain ENDS products and keeping the devices stocked with e-juice can become quite expensive. ENDS’s are a new trend popularized by today’s culture and they are not likely to have any positive effects on anybody.

Kids occasionally are known to not make intelligent choices and they always find themselves getting into trouble doing things that they should not be doing. Many teens believe that vaping is just a harmless way to mess around with and have fun with friends. Children and teens are drawn to vaping because they think it looks cool or they simply do it searching to get a buzz.

Something that both the younger culture and older people do not realize is that because the product is so new and untested, scientists are still trying to figure out what the exact health effects are. Besides the possible health risks, it is scary to know how easily it is for youth to obtain ENDS.

In most states you only have to be 18 to purchase tobacco or e-cigarettes which makes it quite easy for any high schooler to get their hands on one. Kids under that age often find older friends to buy the product for them. It also is much harder for youth to get caught with vape products as they are very small and slender in design. Kids around 12-13 are much more prone to vape than smoke because that they are under the belief that vaping is more healthy than smoking. They believe that because there isn’t tobacco in the e-juice, it is not bad. The fact they do not know is that there are still other harmful chemicals and most of the time nicotine.

These popular and trendy ways to catch a buzz might appear to be a good idea and harmless even if you do not know anything about it. Popular cultural ideas make it look fun and exciting, but when that drives the nation’s youth to become a part of the vape culture breaking laws in order to do it, is it really worth it at that point?

Recently, the effects of popular culture and its positive view on vaping, makes people want to go out and buy a vape. They think it will make them fit in with the it crowd and be edgy and exciting like the other people that they see doing it. The truth is that it’s really not healthy for you and it can and will make you sick. It does not even have a true purpose.

Next time a vape cloud goes up it will only be thought of as wasted money, illness and pointlessness. VAPING IS NOT COOL. DO NOT EVEN RISK TRYING IT OR YOU MAY BECOME ADDICTED TO NICOTINE.