How not to treat your cashier 2.0

Cashier tries to smile through the pain.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about things that customers do that grocery store cashiers hate. Well, that article got too long so I am making a part two to it. Here are some more tips for what NOT to do to maintain grocery store etiquette.


  • Not acknowledge us


      • We may not want to be there either, but we still smile and ask you how you are and if you found everything. Talking to people helps us get through our shifts faster and makes us look good to our managers. The least you can do is nod and say “Good” and “Yes, I found everything just fine.” It also doesn’t hurt you to say “Thank you” after we get done checking and bagging up your $300 order.


  • Decide you have more change after we’ve already cashed the transaction


    • In other words, when the transaction total is $17.29 and you handed me a $20 that I cash but then realize that you have fifty extra cents in your purse. Oh, but then you find a dime instead and ask for one of the quarters back. Although our job entails working with money, most cashiers are not math whizzes. The registers are designed so that we have to do as little math as possible. Please let us keep it that way.


  • Leave your empty cart in the middle of the store


      • You are literally walking past the cart racks anyway. Stray carts clutter the storefront and make the already crammed store even more difficult to maneuver.  Especially on our busy and understaffed days, we just do not always have the time to bring the carts back to the racks. In the end, not putting your carts back is just plain human indecency.


  • Stuff cold items on shelves with dry items


      • Cold items are stocked in specially-made shelves for a reason:  so they stay cold and fresh. If our store continues to lose money due to the large amount of damaged items we have to throw out daily, then you may not have a store to shop at anymore. Plus, employees will be grouchy because lost inventory can be taken out of our yearly bonus.


  • Try to come through my line when my register light is off


      • When the sign marking the register number is lit up, that means that I am open. When it is off, I no longer have to deal with annoying customers anymore who can’t even take the time out of their day to acknowledge the fact that my register is closed.


  • Say that we are “trying to rip you off”


      • For the last time I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE PRICES OF THINGS. If you don’t think something rang up right, then just tell me and we can get something worked out. But trust me when I say no worker at my store is intentionally trying to “rip you off.”


  • Literally THROW your items on the belt


    • It’s just rude and puts the cashier in a bad mood. When customers do that to me, I purposely slow down since you were clearly too impatient to gently set your groceries on the belt like a decent person.