Poppin’ popsicles

Homemade Fruit Popsicles

It’s that time of the year again. The transition period between the bitter winter cold and the sweet warm rays of Summer. However, do they have to be so separated? Is there anyway to combine the two seasons into a peaceful harmony? Do not despair, humankind has known a solution to this conundrum for years, one word; popsicles. Feeling a little let down? Well you shouldn’t. Popsicles are one of the best treats that can be enjoyed in the Summer! From playing beach volleyball to swimming laps in an above ground pool, popsicles were made to be consumed in the summer. Now that’s something worth looking forward too!


Here are a few tips to making your popsicles the talk of the town this Summer!

  1. Fruit: This may seem a little basic but it’s important to take baby steps while experimenting with the different possibilities when it comes to popsicles. For this yummy treat you need only some fruit juice (preferably clear) and your favorite kind(s) of fruit. Place the juice and fruit in a tray and freeze overnight. There you go! Enjoy real pieces of fruit in your own creation!


  1. The Store: Let’s be honest, the store has an arrangement of cool flavors for everyone to enjoy!


  1. Food Coloring: This one is more of a prank than a legit flavor, but is just as fun! Pick different types of juice to freeze and assign each a food color that doesn’t match the flavor such as, super sour lime as a dark red. Watch your friends try to guess what flavor it actually is!


  1. Pickle Juice: Juice from a pickle is a home run with the kids, especially on the softball/baseball field. Watch those little tykes fight over who gets the last of your delicious vinegar packed popsicles. Like the fruit, feel free to add some finely sliced pickle!


  1. Smoothie Pops: To really blow everyone’s mind you need only tweek the ingredients that usually go into a popsicle! Instead of water or juice, try using yogurt as the base for your icy treat. The creamy texture is sure to rope the whole neighborhood into wanting a bite of one of these scrumptious snacks.


Popsicles are the feel good food of the summer. Why not use your creativity and passion for popsicles to improve upon near perfection. Never be afraid to experiment, no popsicle is a bad popsicle!