Fortnite is a PvP game.

“Fortnite Battle Royale” is a PvP game mode that consists of a 100 players maximum. When the game begins, you drop and fall from a flying bus. There are quite a few places to go to, so be ready for a fight. The way to do well in the game is to loot or scavenge for weapons, healables, and shields.

Be prepared to loot fast because there are players that are not afraid to get into a fight. You have to build fortification, so you are protected from bullets from other players. To be able to build, you have to collect resources by breaking trees, rocks, cars, and buildings. You can only carry a maximum of five items in your inventory, including weapons, healables, and shields, so choose wisely.

Every few minutes a storm closes in to a smaller circle pushing players closer together. If you become trapped in the storm it causes your health to deteriorate. Depending on how small the circle is, it could do more damage. The smaller the circle, the more damage the storm does to you.

Anyone can play “Fortnite”, but I personally play “Fortnite” and I love the game and I have multiple wins. I see great things coming to “Fortnite” that everyone who plays, will love. There is something new added to the game every week. “Fortnite” is on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and now on mobile devices.