An open letter to my best friend

Best Friend,

Every person introduced into your life has a reason for being there. Whether it be a lesson or a blessin’, your life will never be the same once they have entered your life. It’s a thing that I think often about and the result is always the same–I realize just how lucky I am that I have been allowed to call you my best friend.

A majority of the time, when new people come into my life, they usually don’t stay very long. You, however, are a completely different story. From the day we met, it was as if we had been bonded together and from then on, we did everything together. Even though we were enrolled in two seperate schools, we always found a way to spend time with one another.

Even now today, we still are there for each other. Through thick and thin, I will stand by you and continue to fight for you. I will never allow anyone to hurt you. You are so precious to me and it would kill me if somebody ever hurt you.

Thank you for being in my life. I love you and hope that the Lord above will grant us more years together.