A Juul is an electronic e-cigarette that acts like a vaporizer. Juuls have no tobacco in them, but they have 5% nicotine in each pod.  The nicotine is what draws in so many teens, because they say it gives them a ¨buzz¨. Most teens nowadays have tried or have heard about a Juul. Having a Juul when you’re a teen is risky. I’m not saying Juuls are bad, but they definitely aren’t good. They are not harmless because it’s abused to the point of addiction.

The nicotine is what gets people addicted. Many people hate on vapes, and cigarettes, but become so addicted to the Juul they think it’s cool and okay for them to do.  The nicotine has negative effects on you. Symptoms may include: stomach ache, headache, and shortness of breath. Having a Juul at a young age could start different habits that are much worse, that’s why you can’t purchase a Juul until you’re 18 years old.

Quitting smoking can add years and quality of life. (Dreamstime)

The reason why they are such a problem in schools and just in general is, that they are often mistaken for an USB and is about the same size as one. They are easy to hide in your palm, so most people/ teachers won’t even question it. If getting caught with it, you don’t get charged with anything but, the police will take it and dispose of it. So don’t waste $60 and just wait until you’re of age. My honest opinion on the Juul is, I don’t think they are necessary and not worth the ¨buzz¨.