Why Tiger’s comeback is relevant

Tigers Woods hits on the 18th hole of the north course at Torrey Pines Golf Course during the second round of the Farmers Insurance Open on Friday, Jan. 27, 2017. Woods will play in the Hero World Challenge, he announced on Twitter. (K.C. Alfred/San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS)

We all know that Tiger Woods was once among the best golfers the world and of all time. Young Woods was very promising and always prevailed through hardships. Woods was a very successful golfer and a pioneer of the sport, but this was all put on hold when a series of injuries and unfortunate life events occurred to him. He has tried to make several comebacks but most have failed. Since then, his most recent efforts to become healthy have seemed very promising. Woods is back and just as competitive as ever.

Woods is a great example of innovation in sports, as he is a primary founder of conditioning and exercising in order to better oneself in golf. His determination of improvement is what drives him to always strive for excellence.

Since 2007 Woods has been constantly struggling with several back injuries. He has attempted several comebacks since, but his most recent has proved most successful which was at the 2017 Hero World Challenge where he tied 9th which is quite impressive considering his extended absence.

Besides fighting injuries Woods had also battled mental rollercoasters with his ever changing relationship status. His perseverance is a key part of his character that keeps him sharp and ready for all aspects of life. This is a perfect example for anyone, if you get knocked of your horse then get right back up.

Wood’s comeback is very important in the sports world, and proves as a good example for any one, that you must always persevere.  The legacy of Tiger Woods will serve as a testament to young athletes, so that when they run into obstacles they will have his example of determination in order to help them succeed. This is one reason why some people consider Eldrick Woods, (Wood’s given name,) a big name in the game of golf, and some even believe him to be the GOAT.