Why we should not overlook rap music

Chance the Rapper performs during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Why We Should Not Overlook Rap Music

Rap has not only been apart of many people’s lives, it has also been a living for young people trying to express themselves through music. Not all rappers are young people; they can be anyone of any age and can come from anywhere. Most people believe that rappers have to be African American or has to come from the “hood”. Rap has been around for about 50 years in the United States, and was first introduced by DJ Kool Herc in the Bronx, New York. And was one of the first of many other rappers to make rap very well known, not only by the “gangsters” and “African Americans”.

Rap has since evolved and has been a big influence on pop culture. Rappers can use their voice to talk about violence and problems around the world. Rap also does not have to be all negative, it is just a way to express feelings. Sometimes rappers just boast about all the money they have and bunch of irrelevant things and because of that many people contribute rap with gangs, drugs, violence, and negative attitudes towards women, sometimes these are just stereotypes. Not many people pay attention to all the good rappers who are actually trying to make a difference in society. And I believe that if older people would just pay attention to all these good rappers then there would not be such a big problem when younger people listen to it.

If people would just analyze some of the lyrics, they would not be as afraid to listen  to rap music and understand where they are coming from. Understanding the lyrics of a rappers song makes it easier to understand why younger people listen to it. They would start to understand how some teens could relate to the music and why they listen to it. Rap is not just one type of style, so I believe that everyone could try to find something that they like. I fully understand how parents could not want their children to be listening to this type of music, but maybe if they would just understand it. It is a way of life and is a part of society and pop culture.

By listening to rap music teens, can be aware of all the social and political issues not just around themselves but around the world. This allows teens to be able to communicate with others about these issues and also allows them to expand on these issues and hopefully to make a change. I also allows teens to have hope if they themselves also deal with the problems that the artist is talking about. Some people dismiss the song lyrics and say that it is “corrupting the youth” and making them do terrible things towards other people. People also sometimes do not understand that they are listening to these issues, but that they are just listening to this music for fun.

In conclusion I believe that everyone should give rap a chance and should not overlook it. It has a major impact, so I believe that if we would all just pay attention to these artist we can all be able to understand social and political issues that we didn’t really know existed. It is also just a really good way to pass time and a way to connect with other people that also have the same taste in music as yourself.