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The problem of poverty and violence in the Austin Chicago community is rising, but Circle Urban Ministries is working hard to provide a safe place for families to escape the violence on the streets. Circle Urban Ministries (CUM) is an organization located in Chicago. CUM’s mission is to provide a safe place for students and adults living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago.

According to, CUM was started in 1974 by a team of ministry workers and has since grown into a multi-purpose facility in the Austin community. The organization provides 96 beds for women and children who don’t have a place to stay and supplies them with food and water from their campus food pantry. The campus at Circle Urban has also been able to provide healthcare for more than 1,000 people over the past year. This organization provides a camp for kids throughout June and July. The program gives kids the chance to explore the city of Chicago through various field trips, and interact with other students, while building a spiritual and educational foundation. The education program at CUM strives to provide kids with the learning tools they need to advance their education.

There are so many ways that Circle Urban Ministries is leaving a positive impact on the lives of the people in Austin. CUM continues to grow and is helping provide many people with new opportunities and physical, mental, and emotional support.