Jumanji was wild!

Jack Black, Nick Jonas, Karen Gillan, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart star in the film, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.” (Frank Masi/Sony Pictures)

Everyone has seen the original Jumanji with Robin Williams right? It’s a classic and of course Robin Williams was the best, so some people were skeptical about it and didn’t think this movie was going to be good at all. In my opinion I thought overall it was a  good movie, others do not.

The movie started out with just as a board game that a dad had got his son but the son could have cared less and tossed it to the side. The son was a big gamer so while he was sleeping the game had developed into a video game. He started to play and soon enough he was one with the game. Fast forward 20 years later and the kid is still in the game and he has been talked about for years. Four complete different kids having their own struggles in their lives end up getting detention together and while they cleaned up the basement they game upon a game set, which of course was Jumanji. They start playing and end up in the game and have to try to win to get out. The rest is for you to find out.

In the end I thought this version was great for this generation but still had the same concept as the original. I really enjoyed the characters, and how they all had their stories as well. Of course it might not have been as good as the original but when is the second movie ever as good as the first one?