Online college quiz

Select your favorite out of each group and keep track of which letters you get to reveal your dream college.

  1. It’s Spring time! Which color are you most likely to wear?
    1. Black- the go to color year round
    2. Anything bright and fun- rockin the rainbow
    3. Something Neutral- browns & greys always match everything
    4. Bright blue- gotta be festive


  1. Walking, running or dancing, you’d wear these shoes EVERY day
    1. A nice pair of short heels- always gotta be professional
    2. Flip flops- free feet = the best feet
    3. Tennis shoes- never uncomfortable
    4. Boots- they’re gonna walk all over you


  1. Which pair of jeans speak to you?
    1. Sleek dark jeans with ABSOLUTELY no holes
    2. A fun pair of flares with embroidery down the leg
    3. Cute & distressed but nothing too wild
    4. Miss Me’s with some sparkle


  1. Whether spinning or sitting anyone could catch you wearing this dress
    1. Black shift dress- one that fits just right
    2. Sun dress- lets you soak up the rays while still looking cute
    3. T-shirt dress- cute & comfy!!
    4. Something cinched at the waist with a fun belt


  1. Just standing may hurt your feet but these shoes would totally make it worth it
    1. Professional heels always hurt
    2. 8-inch clubbing heels duhhhh
    3. 5 inches sound scandalous but fun
    4. No, boots are best
  2. TBH lazy days look like this
  3. A dress, no pants makes the day 10x better
  4. Crop top and some loose shorts
  5. Sweats of course
  6. Big bun and only mascara


Colleges– match the letter you got the most of with the college of your dreams

A’s- East Coast: Harvard University

(Andrea Pistolesi/TIPS/Zuma Press/TNS)


B’s- West Coast: University of Southern California

(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times/TNS)

C’s- Midwest: Pittsburg State University

D’s- Down South: University of Texas at Austin