Gift ideas for Christmas

300 dpi Val B. Mina color illustration of gift box with question mark above it; question mark is filled with images of wrapping paper, possible gifts. (The Sacramento Bee 2007)
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Ever wonder what to get your friend for Christmas? Well there are many do it yourself (diy) gifts you could make for them. If you want to be extra, a blanket or some fuzzy socks would go great with these gifts, maybe even put a little love and happiness into it. With these ideas, you might need to plan a trip to the store.

Let’s start with “open when…” letters. Pick emotions such as happy, sad, mad or bored and write letters or little notes about each. You can pick as many as you want. On the envelope you write “open when you are happy”, or whatever the word is that you chose. Then your letter could be about a happy memory you have with them or whatever you would like it to be about. This is probably the cheapest and most thoughtful gift out there. I definitely recommend this if you enjoy writing.

A great idea for a cozy night in the house is a movie night package. First off, you could get a popcorn bowl or just a plain old box and start getting stuff to put inside. A couple bags of popcorn is needed. Figure out what their favorite candy is and put a bag of it in there as well. They will surely need a drink, so include a bottle or two of refreshments. The definite must haves in this package is movies. Close the box up, and there you have it, a perfect package.

Hot cocoa kits are one of the best gifts to make. It’s best when it is in a jar. When you’re at the store pick up some hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, some candy canes and a jar or two. The secret to making it look cute is layers. Start by putting the cocoa mix at the bottom of the jar then on top of that, add the mini marshmallows. Last but not least, crush up a few candy canes and sprinkle them on top to make the finishing product.

S’mores in a jar is a great, fun gift to put together. Place the marshmallows and graham crackers into ziploc bags and place them in the jar. Don’t forget a chocolate bar to put in there as well. The last thing to do is decorate the jar however you would like.

You could describe these gifts as inexpensive, simple, and fun. When you make something yourself it shows how much effort and love you put into getting your friends something. To “wrap things up into a package,” I definitely recommend making DIY presents.