Logan movie review

Logan was released on March 3, 2017.

Logan is a film that was directed by James Mangold and released on Mar 3, 2017. In the year of 2029, with mutant-kind nearing extinction, an aging Logan works in Texas as a chauffeur. Due to his old age, his healing factor is fading, causing him to begin to die from the adamantium that is poisoning his body. Howlett is living across the Mexican border at an abandoned smelting plant where he and a mutant tracker Caliban care for a suffering Professor Charles Xavier.

After a funeral, a woman by the name of Gabriela approaches Logan. Gabriela begs him to help her and explains that he’s the only one who can. Logan tells her that he can’t help her and to leave him alone as he escorts his customer to the limo. Later that day, when he is buying pills for Xavier, A man named Donald Pierce opens the back door of the limo and enters the vehicle and begins to question Logan. He asks Logan if he’s seen Gabriela or if he’s talked to her, explaining that she took something from him, to which Logan replies no. Pierce then tells him to call him if he hears or sees anything about Gabriela and tosses him his card. The next day Logan wakes up and heads to work and has his usual customers. Later that night he gets a call to pick up his next customer and drives to the given location. As he pulls into the motel parking lot, he sees a girl named Laura playing with a ball and he also sees Gabriela. Gabriela offers to pay him if he takes her and Laura to a place called Eden in North Dakota. He refuses at first, but then he decides to help her once he sees that she is injured. They make plans to meet back at the motel the next day and head for North Dakota from there. The next day Logan texts Gabriela and asks if she’s ready and she confirms that she is indeed ready. Logan arrives at the motel as planned but as he exits the vehicle he sees that the door to her room is broken indicating that it had been broken into. He proceeds with caution as he opens the door. He opens the door and finds Gabriela dead in a chair with Laura nowhere to be found. He searches for the money and heads back to Xavier and Caliban. Shortly after he shows up, Donald Pierce arrives and confronts Logan and asks him why he didn’t notify him when he found Laura and Gabriela. Pierce is knocked unconscious by Laura as Logan prepares to engage him in hand-to-hand combat. Laura had pinpointed Xavier and Logan’s location due to Xavier telling her telepathically. Pierce regains consciousness and calls for reinforcements causing Logan to flee from the area with Xavier and Laura and head towards North Dakota.

I give this film a ‘nine out of ten” rating due to the main plot to the story. The plot is slightly lacking substance and could use more “Wolverine” to it than the story basically being about a road trip to a safe haven. Overall the film, Logan was quite enjoyable and well made along with fantastic casting. I would greatly recommend that those of you who are “Wolverine” fans would watch this film.