SeaWorld’s orca program dives into hot water

SeaWorld plans to end their orca breeding program by 2017.

SeaWorld plans to end their orca breeding program by 2017.

The popular theme park and aquatic display, SeaWorld has recently been under fire regarding its orca program. Many people believe that the park needs to close altogether, or end its killer whale shows. The documentary Blackfish, released in 2013, investigates the park’s programs, as well as the numerous deaths involving the orcas. After its initial release, the documentary brought attention to what was really happening underneath the surface at SeaWorld.

In August 2016, the California Legislature passed a bill that requires the San Diego SeaWorld location, to end its orca-breeding program. Previously, in March 2016, SeaWorld announced that they would end their orca breeding programs, in all of their locations by 2017; as well as end orca tricks during performances. California decided to pass this law due to the large amount of controversy surrounding the parks.

As for the rest of SeaWorld’s programs, they have not released any new plans for the rest of the animals and their performances. Animals on display consist of walruses, seals, manatees, flamingos, and a variety of other animals.

SeaWorld has lost many of its supporters due to the arguments surrounding the documentary, and the end of their orca performances will hopefully bring an end to some of the controversy.