First rule of bike club…

There is a massive difference between a "club" and a "gang."

There is a massive difference between a “club” and a “gang.”

Being apart of a bike club has proven to be a little dangerous at times, yet most of what you think is dead wrong. First off, ¨Well you must be selling drugs of some kind, that’s all you guys do.¨ Not even close to what actually happens. There is a massive difference between a club and gang. A gang would be people like Hells Angels, who are definitely not people you want to mess with, trust me; they are the kind people who kill and sell drugs or weapons. We as a club, raise money but in a very legal way, we do fundraisers, like poker runs to raise money for veterans and their families, while other clubs raise money for kids or adoption agencies. Others like Hells Angels and the Bandidos usually cause problems for the rest of us with these stereotypes. Our club does not sell drugs, just want to state that now. We have retired veterans and police officers among us, as well as officers still on the force. We actually have a former Hells Angel among us; he was run out of California by his gang for not being apart of their operation, threatening to kill him and his family. He moved to Nebraska to lay low, met our state President and later joined our club.

Secondly, ¨you probably get into bar fights all the time.¨ Semi true, but not completely. We had a run in recently with the local Knuckle-Draggers, who decided they were in the mood to fight with our President; it turned into a complete bar fight simply based on the preset of you mess with one, you mess with all. Those kinds of things don’t happen often though with respectable clubs who care about what they do. Big bike rallies are usually where there is complete chaos, like Sturgis. When you have bikers from all around the nation who don’t like each other very much, something is bound to happen.

The big four criminal based MC´s are Hells Angels, Bandidos, Outlaws, and the Pagans, definitely guys you don’t want to mess with on your own. You can always count on there being a huge blowout here for sure, but for the most part clubs are respectful of other clubs and usually rally together against gangs. Being apart of a club is extremely entertaining and also is rewarding; you´re helping guys in need who protected you and served this country with everything they have. You meet a lot of new people from all over, our club is stationed in 11 different states and Australia with followers all over the world. We have rides with them, just to keep in touch and see how everyone is doing.

Another stereotype is that all bikers are jerks who will kill you if you look at them wrong. First of all, these are portrayals from movies, half of it isn’t true. Secondly, there are certain bikers like that, they belong to criminally based gangs or one-percenters, however you can usually pick them out, they will be wearing a cut, also called a vest. This will have their club ¨colors¨ all over it telling everyone exactly who they ride with. If you see any of the main four I talked about, don’t act suspicious and just go about your business, don’t give them any reason to talk to you.

Lastly, ¨you guys are always in territorial war, killing each other just because you can.¨ Has our club ever sanctioned a hit? No way, have we had hits sanctioned on us, you bet, we’ve had a couple guys killed on the road, simply because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is a way of life but it’s also worth the risk, the guys you’re helping are some of the best people you’ll ever meet in your life. They make it all worth it, so never make the mistake of comparing gangs and clubs again, trust me, it won’t go so hot for you.