The crucifixion of police in the media

Police forces are subjected to a specific type of stress unlike ones felt by others in society.

Police forces are subjected to a specific type of stress unlike ones felt by others in society.

It seems that every day a new story or video is shown on the news of police officers overstepping their boundaries. This causes a whole plethora of problems for the public as well as police officers. Seeing all of these videos and reading all the stories of police brutality creates an environment of police-hate that can be detrimental to society.

There are men and women who join the police force because they care about their communities and want to make a difference. However, there are also officers who join the force who have ulterior motives, motives that lead to excessive force and unnecessary violence. Officers who have repeatedly gone too far when attempting to do their job.

Obviously police officers are subjected to a type of stress that I, nor the rest of the public, can understand. Day in and day out  they deal with the disrespectful scum of our communities, sometimes in life threatening situations. However, at the end of the day, that is their job. Police officers should be held to a higher standard than the criminals they are in charge of controlling and officers should be expected to show a certain level of restraint when needed.

The problem is that the media whips the public into a frenzy of anger towards the police and just intensifies the issue. To the point that officers may second guess their actions when on duty fearing the media may spin their story against them. All this does is gives the criminals the power and puts the public as well as the officers in danger.

While officers are expected to do their jobs in a certain manner, it is not the public’s job to judge the officers, that can be left to higher authority. And in the instances where it may not be black or white, the public’s trust should probably fall upon the trained officer not the criminal with priors.