Cartoon Crisis

Dating back to the old days, a time when cartoon shows were filled with life lessons and entertaining characters and everything on television was fascinating, cartoons both entertained and educated children. Today, cartoons do not serve the same purpose or carry the same educational qualities. Cartoons today slowly dumb down children with ridiculously inappropriate innuendos and vapid plots. Twenty years ago, Nickelodeon released one of the most popular children’s TV shows, “Blue’s Clues”.

Cartoons like 'Blue's Clues' develop their audiences' observation and problem-solving skills.

Cartoons like ‘Blue’s Clues’ develop their audiences’ observation and problem-solving skills.

Blue is a puppy who puts her paw prints on three clues and Blue’s owner, Steve, has to deduce the clue while asking the off-screen children questions in order to figure out what Blue wants to do. This television series, as well as a plethora of others, taught children to draw conclusions, problem solve and focus on observation skills. It seemed way too simple to turn on the TV and find something that interested you, but not many can say the same now. Television series have taken a complete plunge in lack of realism and education skills. A children’s television series on the air currently is Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time.”

Cartoons such as 'Adventure Time' lack life lessons and educational qualities to properly develop their audiences.

Cartoons such as ‘Adventure Time’ lack life lessons and educational qualities to properly develop their audiences.

“Adventure Time” episodes consist of twelve-year-old Finn battling evil in the land of “Ooo,” with the aid of his magical dog, Jake. The evil in some form or another comes from oddly distinguished characters such as the “Ice King,” or “Princess Bubblegum.” The unfortunate lack in realistic children’s TV shows is a topic that is presently an immense issue. Television series producers are being sued weekly by unhinged parents or guardians who are more than disturbed by the ridiculous programs for children on TV today. There are very limited options we have in order to change this issue, but this issue must be fixed before we damage our children’s educational abilities permanently.