Making it big from Kearney, Nebraska

Micah Brown is pictured with his wife Leanna, after winning

Micah Brown is pictured with his wife Leanna, after winning one of his two Regional Emmy’s for Best Regularly Scheduled Sports Program.

From the graduating class of 2004, Micah Brown helped lead the Kearney High boys track team to a state championship. He had a desire for sports and for film-making. As a child, he would constantly make movies with his uncles and continued to dabble in it throughout high school. After graduating from Kearney High, Brown attended the University of Kansas, where he had an extremely successful sports career. Shortly after leading KU to their first BCS National Championship, Brown began to officially pursue a life of filmmaking.

After graduating with a degree in media production, Brown moved to Burbank, California. While there he found himself working with the creative directors that produced “Date Night,” “Knight and Day” and “The A-Team.” Working as a gofer he constantly worked with movie trailers and clips until he was finally recognized for his talent. After experiencing the fame that comes with creating blockbusters, he felt the need to return to his alma mater and produce documentaries for many of KU’s sports teams.

There he created the Second Wind Creative production company, and he also wrote his first all-access news blog online. This is where he was finally able to produce what he loved. Since then, Brown has written for many of the top sports news channels across the nation, including ESPN films, Fox Sports, NBC Sports and the Big 10 Network. He is still the CEO and creative director of Second Wind Creative.