Frozen warms the heart

Frozen features the love of sisters, while Olaf the Snowman and two men add to the story line.

Frozen features the love of sisters, while Olaf the Snowman and two men add to the story line.

     Frozen represents the best aspects of life in the classic yet modern Disney way. An exuberant spirit fills the film, alongside Broadway-style songs and intense animation.

Arendelle, a kingdom housing princesses Anna and Elsa, must be saved after being enveloped by an eternal winter due to Elsa’s superpower prophecy. Anna and Elsa, voiced respectively by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, provide emotion and depth to a story with a plot similar to prior Disney films but developed in a unique and intriguing manner.

For nearly two hours, viewers are thrust from moments of peril to feelings of joy to thoughts of concern. Indeed, the characters and work of animators has created a film suitable for all ages and types of people, from children to adults still dreaming of love and magic.

In fact, Frozen represents a new era for Disney. Disney’s first female co-director of a feature animation, Jennifer Lee, also the film’s co-writer, proves herself in this modern version of the company’s infamous princess fairy tale. The movie features several feminine themes, for it lacks a true villain, as it focuses more on the sisterhood between Anna and Elsa and the difficulties that expand between the two. The story’s love interest is part of the background, an interesting difference from prior fairy tales. Moreso, the film highlights the feminism behind the writing. Jokes and side comments appear that clearly originate in a female mind. The new creative, female side of Disney may add to the emotional depth of its latest fairy tale, but the artistically profound animation is captivating, as well.

Never before have snow and ice been so precisely created as in Frozen. Each scene brews an appreciation from the viewer in regards to the masterpiece created by Disney. The addition of catchy songs does quite the opposite of distract from the plot, stirring emotions within viewers even more intensely than is already done by the story line.

The new broadening of both the creative process and the fairy tale itself has certainly created an outstanding work of which Disney should be proud. Frozen warms the heart and above all, reminds each of us that while we may not all be princesses, love can do magical things, not only for others, but for ourselves.