Mrs. Madsen new history teacher

Mrs. Madsen converses with fellow new teacher Ms. Keading during planning period. Photo by Tiffany Valleau.

Mrs. Natalie Madsen is one of the new teachers here at Kearney High. She teaches in the history department, but that has not always been the case.

She graduated from high school in Milford, Nebraska and being a sub was her first teaching job. The small town high school then needed an algebra teacher, and she found herself teaching three algebra classes.

When asked of her favorite high school memory, she said, “It was winning the district championship in softball against Centennial High.” She chuckled to herself then continued, “Our superintendent, Mr. Maher, was the principal of Centennial at that time and is a sports fan as well.”

Madsen is an undergraduate from UNL and has her masters from Concordia. She likes to watch sports, especially the Huskers.

Many know Mr. Madsen as Kearney High’s vice principal, however Mrs. Madsen knows him as her father-in-law as well as her boss. She comments, “So far it’s been a positive experience working with him. It is nice to know someone at the school since I am new to Kearney.”

Mrs. Madsen teaches Political Science and American History.