Intramurals end at championship

Senior Micah Howsden of A Few Good Men goes in for a layup. Photo by Tiffany Valleau.

One might say the KPR intramurals are just a league where students are able to enjoy the sport, but the championship games on Mon., Feb. 20 left many players upset as the season reached an end. The most disappointed team was Let’s Be Honest as they battled the freshman boys’ team, The Shooters, in a full court brawl.

Before the bronze championship game began, Cierra Graf, a junior on Let’s Be Honest said, “I have butterflies in my stomach, and I usually never get nervous, but this is an important game because we have to win. We are the underestimated girls.” Graf was on edge, especially considering the fact that Let’s Be Honest almost had to forfeit the game due to lack of players. Thankfully, Let’s Be Honest was able to compete despite having no subs and an injured player, junior Katie Higgins.

“It was evident that Let’s Be Honest was going for the win because they hustled up and down the court the entire forty minutes, and I think their effort surprised the opposing team when they thought the game was going to be a cake walk,” said junior Jake Havranek, a spectator at the game.

Let’s Be Honest’s offensive tactic utilized Higgins, as she was unable to run up and down the court due to a prior injury. Higgins scored many of the buckets off of fast break lay-ups, but the Shooters quickly caught onto Let’s Be Honest strategy. The score went back and forth, yet the Shooters were able to grasp the victory 48-44.

The highlight of this game for many was when junior Cassie Kernick retrieved a loose ball and aggressively started to drive towards the basket. It was not until after Kernick shot at the hoop that she realized it was the wrong basket. Thankfully, she did not make the shot.

Much like the bronze bracket game, the silver bracket championship began and ended with intensity. A Few Good Men challenged the Kearney Catholic team, C-1 All Stars. Kearney Catholic sophomore Cassidy Staroska said, “Most of us are friends with people from Kearney High, and I like to come watch because it is a blend of both schools. Intramurals gives both high schools the opportunity to compete against one another.”

Throughout the game, leading scorer C-1 All Star senior, Colton Dorr, kept his team energized, so it was not a surprise when Dorr ended up clutching the win for this team. The game boiled down to the final seconds when Dorr hit a buzzer-beater three, giving his team the lead by one.

Following the silver bracket game, stands now packed with students and adults, Senior Blue and Justice League took the court. From the start, Justice League had an edge over Senior Blue due to their energetic pace. With a bubbly announcer, chants from the fans, and their secret weapon senior Jacob Olson, Justice League led the first half.

Going into the second half, seniors Spencer Lindsay and Zach Yocum offensively dominated for Senior Blue. Yocum posted up inside the key for easy lay-ups while Lindsay took advantage of outside shots. In the end, Justice League won 62-54 over Senior Blue and proved to be the best intramural team in the league.

Although the 2012 intramural season ended, many students have already started planning for next year. Team members and names were being discussed at the championship games Monday night. Overall, intramurals gave students from Kearney High and Kearney Catholic the opportunity to compete in a calm environment, and like always, it proved to be a successful season.