Drake and his collaborative 18 producers could not release a properly punctuated and rhythmically diverse album. Basically, everything is the same.

If Youre Reading This, Everything is the Same

  Considering the fact that Drakes new mix tape, If Youre Reading This Its Too Late was produced by a group of five year-olds as a charity project, it is p... Continue Reading

Flappy Bird became an addicting sensation all around the world.

R.I.P. Flappy Bird

Over the past decade, smartphones have become wildly popular. With this new technology, opportunities for game makers have grown significant... Continue Reading

Frozen features the love of sisters, while Olaf the Snowman and two men add to the story line.
Frozen warms the heart
Sites like Wattpad and Figment offer writers the ability to share their works with others to gain constructive criticism.

Get creative with writing sites

There are many ways to express one’s creativity, one of which is writing. Those who write “choose to give themselves homework every night,” ... Continue Reading