Sophomore Brock Marlatt gets set before a play. Photo by: Tabitha Baker

Bearcats rebound with a win against the Knights

The Bearcats started the came off the wrong way. They allowed the Lincoln Southeast Knights to score on their first two possessions. However, once the Bearcats ... Continue Reading

The Imperial Japanese army constructed the Fu-Go.

Untold stories of history

During World War Two, the Japanese created the first weapon with intercontinental range, yet this technological development is deliberately not well known. On N... Continue Reading

Flappy Bird became an addicting sensation all around the world.

R.I.P. Flappy Bird

Over the past decade, smartphones have become wildly popular. With this new technology, opportunities for game makers have grown significant... Continue Reading

Frozen features the love of sisters, while Olaf the Snowman and two men add to the story line.
Frozen warms the heart
Bill O'Reilly chronicles the final days of the Nazi regime and the European theatre of World War Two from multiple sides, while focusing on the deterioration of Reich Leader Adolf Hitler.

Hitler’s Last Days: The final moments of the Nazi Regi...

In Hitler’s Last Days, author Bill O’Reilly chronicles the penultimate events leading to Hitler’s suicide in his bunker. O’Reilly perfectly ... Continue Reading